Literary Creativity Withdrawal

I miss writing.  Things have been hectic these past couple weeks and I haven’t had time to write.  I haven’t even turned on my computer at home in over two weeks.  Writing is my outlet, my pressure valve.  I lose myself when I write.  Not writing in so long has caused me to go into Literary Creativity Withdrawal.  That a clinical term, of course.  A clinical term I just made up.  But it fits.  It’s not writer’s block.  To me writer’s block is not knowing what to write.  Sitting in front of my computer waiting for inspiration.  I know what I want to say.  LCW, as I see it, is not having the time to write and feeling my creative juices drying up.  Knowing what I want to say and having the ability to express it are two totally different animals.  I miss those creative juices.  I miss writing.

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