Nothing to do with Writing

This post has absolutely nothing to do with writing or Conquer Publishing.  I’m finally off the OTC pain meds!  For those of you who aren’t aware, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor about seven years ago.  Radiation was totally successful and the tumor is now gone.   One day I’m going to write about my tumor experiences.  Believe me, it was a real roller coaster ride.  Long story short, I’ve been taking OTC for the past seven years to combat the headaches.  My painkiller of choice for the past five years was Alleve, twice a day, every day.  Sure I consulted with my doctor about taking it for such an extended period and I was given the OK.  But I haven’t seen him in over two years.  The tumor is gone and even the shunt has been removed.  But the rebound headaches still forced me to pop the Alleve.  Finally, last week I said screw it!  I went off cold turkey!  After a very long and painful weekend, I’m free!  As a final word to the wise, always follow the label on OTC drugs.  I did consult with my doctor, this time.  But the time before almost cost me my life.  Like I said, a real roller coaster ride.

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