I’m not procrastinating! Really!

Writing The Staff of Rahgorra taught me how to write.  Of course I knew how to write.  I thought up the basic plot of the novel back in high school.  But in 15 years I was able to get a whole 6 chapters written.  No writing The Staff of Rahgorra taught me how I write.  For 15 years I sat in front of my desktop computer, facing a blank wall and forced myself to grind out 6 whole chapters.

Then at age 31 I got sick, moved back in with my parents and started 2 years of treatment, rehab and recovery.  And when I had almost fully recovered I started working part-time for my father.  I’d work till noon and then be stuck at the shop until 5:00.  To fill that 5 hours I wrote.  I finished the rest of the manuscript in 6 months.

It wasn’t until after I had finished that I realized that I write best with activity going on around me.  Now I do my writing in busy public places. I take my laptop to the cafeteria at the hospital across the street from my apartment or I drive down to Panera’s.  And I get a decent amount of writing done.

But with the cold and snow of winter, lugging around my laptop isn’t easy.  Even getting it over the shoulder of my heavy winter coat is next to impossible.  So instead of writing, this winter I’ve been working on marketing The Staff of Rahgorra.  My good friend and graphic designer Nance Walz is working on the cover.  I know I announced that I’d be blogging as one of the characters, Doina Sandu.  But I haven’t even started to work on the blog.  But I’m not procrastinating! Really!  The temp got into the low 50’s today and with any luck, I’ll get to Panera next week to begin writing Doina’s Blog.

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