2 Steps Behind

The Staff of Rahgorra was released almost a month ago and sales have been lackluster at best.  99% of my sales are going to be online, whether through the Amazon and  Barnes & Noble websites (both of which carry my book) or through Smashwords.com (which handles all of my epublishing, including Kindle, Sony Reader, iPad, and several other formats).

I’m on Facebook, LinkedIn, and I dabble in Twitter.  I’ve also set up pages on every book and author listing site that I know of.  But I’ve come to realize that this is a passive marketing campaign at best. And clearly it’s not working.  So I’ve decided I have to really learn how to Social Media Market.  I really have to get The Staff of Rahgorra to go viral.  For the next few weeks I’m going to read everything I can on the subject and I’m going to try every suggestions.  Soon The Staff of Rahgorra will dominate the web!

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