Branching Out

Well, I’m in Phoenix.  I’ve seen all my old friends and let me tell you, it’s good to be back. The only problem is I still have not found a job, and in this economy it looks like it’ll be awhile before I do. The Staff of Rahgorra isn’t selling, mostly because the only marketing I’ve done is Facebook and some Twitter.  Sooo, I’ve decided to hire a PR firm, Pump up Your Book Promotion PR, and schedule a virtual book tour through them.  They came very highly recommended and I know they will do exactly as their name says.

I also did some research on author compensation by traditional publishers.  My friend and cover designer Nance Walz pointed out that I own Conquer Publishing and there is no reason I have to limit myself to publishing my own work.  Hence the compensation research. Anyway, long story short, I can handle the author compensation. Even with the cost of cover design and promotion, I should be able to start taking submissions soon. But this will not be vanity publishing. I will be very selective about whom I publish and there will be no upfront cost to the author. Authors are looking to make money, not spend it.

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