I’m Sorry, Mr. Lucas

I just checked Cloudbooks to see if my interview was up yet. It was. But to my horror, the intro to the interview claims that The Staff of Rahgorra is a Star Wars fan-fiction book. Let me assure everyone that it is NOT. The Staff of Rahgorra is a completely original work. I assume this mistake came from the answer to an interview question. In that answer I stated that I started writing “bad Star Wars fan-fiction when I was eight or nine.” Another source of the mistake may be a review posted on the Conquer Publishing website that compares The Staff of Rahgorra to Star Wars. To the best of my knowledge, no one at Cloudbooks.us has read The Staff of Rahgorra.

It is true that Star Wars had a huge influence on me. There are a few obscure Star Wars references hidden within the pages of The Staff of Rahgorra. These references are meant to pay tribute to that great franchise, not steal from it or somehow tie my humble novel to it.

I have contacted Mike Robertson at Cloudbooks and asked him to correct the mistake.

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One Response to I’m Sorry, Mr. Lucas

  1. Mark Oetjens says:

    The mistake has been corrected.
    Thanks, Mike.

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