I’m frustrated, excited, hopeful, desperate and a million other conflicting emotions all at the same time. I’m frustrated because my virtual book tour keeps getting screwed up. Dorothy has been great about fixing every complaint I’ve had and the last thing I want to do is badmouth her or her business. But to tell you the truth, I think she’s in over her head. Her business is growing so quickly that I think she’s overwhelmed. A couple times she has lost interviews that I’ve sent her and other times interviews have not posted when they should have been. I’m also frustrated because, so far, I haven’t seen any sales from this VBT.

At the same time I know that blog tours like this don’t usually produce many sales in the short term, that blogging is a long-term strategy. As much as I’m promoting The Staff of Rahgorra, I’m also promoting my brand, which is just as important. I’m also hopeful because, although my print sales are non-existent at this point, Apple, Barnes and Noble, Sony and several others have not reported their ebook sales to Smashwords for at least the past two months. I’m hoping that I’ll see some sales from them.

I’m excited because the holidays are coming up. I figure sales will increase some, especially since I got a $50 Ad Coupon from Facebook the other day. I set up a campaign touting The Staff of Rahgorra as the perfect holiday gift for the Sci-Fi fan. It runs from the Monday before Thanksgiving (a full week before Cyber-Monday) until the middle of December.

Overall, I’m desperate for sales. I’m desperate to make back my initial investment in Conquer Publishing. I’m desperate to break even. To do that I need to sell 500 copies of The Staff of Rahgorra. I don’t think I’ve set my expectations too high. It’s just a matter of getting my name and my book out there.

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