Hitting My Stride

It’s been a few weeks since my last post and I just wanted to take this Saturday morning to provide an update. Work on Resistance and Rebellion is progressing quite nicely. I think I’ve finally hit my writing stride. As I’m sure I’ve posted before, it’s easier for me to write with activity going on around me. This week I finally found a place to write that is perfect, Fatso’s Pizza. My friends and I are regulars at Fatso’s. The bar has 19 different draft beers and live music on the weekends. And we’re there every Sunday to watch football. Anyway, every day this week I’d get there just before noon and write non-stop until the battery in my laptop died. I got serious work done. I was in the zone!

I’m also trying to get The Staff of Rahgorra into retail stores. I’ve already sent a copy to Books-A-Million’s wholesaler to see if they will accept it. Barnes & Noble and Border’s stores are a bit tougher to get into, but I’m working on those. I also purchased an email list of independent bookstores. After the holidays I plan to do a couple email blasts to let them know The Staff of Rahgorra is available. I also plan on updating the website by adding a downloadable media kit.

And I still plan on taking Conquer Publishing to the next level by taking submissions and publishing other authors. When? I honestly don’t know. But it is definitely coming.

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