Back to Work

I hope everyone had a Happy and Safe Holidays. I received a Kindle for Christmas and have spent the past week and a half reading. It’s been so long since I’ve actually sat down and read anything cover to cover that I almost forgot how joyful it can be. 1st I downloaded and devoured Stieg Larsson’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Then it was on to a strange novel called Out of the Black. It was listed under Sci-Fi but it was definitely a Fantasy novel set in the near future. Fantasy is not usually my thing but it was a decent book. Though I do have a message for the author, Lee Doty: PROOFREAD!!! “Though” and “Through” are pretty much interchanged throughout the book.

Anyway, work on Resistance and Rebellion will continue starting today.

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3 Responses to Back to Work

  1. Lee doty says:

    Thanks for the tip! You would not believe how many times I went though (yes, that was a joke) that book proofreading!

    Actually, about 40x for me and there were about 15 other people who went though (yes… Again), some as many as five times each.

    I guess this just proves that some folk would make better copyeditors.

    If there was anything else you noticed, please let me know! I really do appreciate the feedback!

    • Mark Oetjens says:

      Hi Lee,

      I’ve found that the absolute best thing for proofreading is to actually hear your words being read back to you. Text-to-Speech software worked great for me when I proofread ‘The Staff of Rahgorra.’

      Happy Writing,

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