The State of Self-Publishing

I’ve been told that the general tone of my posts needs to improve, that I’m being too pessimistic and critical. I can see that. I have tried in my last couple posts here and on Facebook and Twitter to be more up-beat. I would like to apologize to Lee Doty for the harshness of my last post. From the comment, Lee seemed to take my criticism in stride. Nonetheless, I am sorry.

That being said, I am going to be harsh and critical and pessimistic in this post. I also apologize for this in advance, but I think it needs to be said. I stated in my last post that I got a Kindle for Christmas. I have put that Kindle to good use over the past few weeks. But money is tight. So tight in fact that I’ve starting downloading free books, mostly from I’ve read a few of these in the past couple weeks and I have been far from impressed. Let me stress that these are FREE books. I understand that. These are not the cream of the crop when it comes to self-publishing. But if these books are any indication, it’s no wonder self-published books often get a bad rap. The punctuation, grammar, sentence structure and even the formatting of these books are atrocious, some books worse than others. A simple proofread and spell check would make most of these problems glaring.

If self-published authors and small publishers want to compete in this new publishing world that the internet and POD have created, then we have to put out a product that is better than that of the larger houses, not the garbage I’ve been reading.

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