In a Quandary

I’m in a bit of a quandary. Should I include Sohaila in Resistance and Rebellion? And if I do, how big should her role be?

Sohaila is a back-story character who was mentioned in The Staff of Rahgorra. She is part of Cam’s past with a yet-to-be-written novel based largely around her.  She is the figurehead Queen of the Kingdom of Hamm-Yur, one of the dozen nations in the galaxy. My question is, can I write a novel called Resistance and Rebellion without having her leading one of the resistance movements? At the same time, The Staff of Rahgorra was repeatedly compared to Star Wars. If I do include Sohaila, would I be ripping off The Phantom Menace? Should she play a major role in the story or should she just be the leader of one of many resistance groups across the galaxy?

I’m writing this post as much for my readers as to try to work this out for myself. After listing all the possibilities I think I’ll introduce her, have a reunion with her, Cam and possibly Tetsuko, and add her to the story in a supporting role.

Thanks for letting me work through this.

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