Leaps and Bounds!

Seems like it’s been ages since I’ve posted. And ages since I’ve written anything at all. For the past two-plus weeks I’ve launched myself full-time into finding a part-time job. I’ve had a couple interviews and a couple more nibbles. But so far no offers. And unfortunately, until I do get a job offer writing is going to continue to be on the back-burner. That means that work on Resistance and Rebellion has ceased for the time being, so finishing the first draft by the end of the summer is pretty much out of the question. The good news in all this is that (when I’m not scouring the job sites) it has allowed my mind to wander. I have developed several new story ideas, some outside the TSoR Universe and a few within. What does all this mean? Well, when I do finally find a job and get my finances in order, look out! I’ll have plenty to write and Conquer will grow and expand by leaps and bounds!

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