Ferris is 25?

It’s hard to believe the Ferris Bueller’s Day Off came out 25 years ago today. I was 15 when it hit theaters and that movie came to define my teenage years. I was pretty much a dork in high school, so I identified more with Cameron and came to idolize Ferris. I’ve seen a couple “Where are they now?” articles on the web this morning. The cast are all doing their own things and they have clearly aged 25 years. But somehow I didn’t think I had? I mean, I’m the same person I was 25 years ago. Right? Sure I’m more experienced and at least a little more responsible. And I’m bald and the little hair I have is starting to go gray. But my views, my attitudes are the same.  Aren’t they? And then I realized that they weren’t. Age, experience and responsibility have brought on a not-so-subtle shift in who I am. And now I feel old! I know 40 isn’t old by most people’s standards but clearly I’m not a teenager anymore. And this realization has lead me to one, single conclusion…

Stay the hell away from “Where are they now?” articles! No good can come from them.

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