New Lower Price!!!

Authors write books for two reasons; to have their work read and to make money. Actually, the two are intertwined. To have their work read  authors have to sell books. Amanda Hocking and John Locke (And I’m sure several others) have achieved major success by pricing their ebooks dirt cheap. I mean DIRT CHEAP! Both authors have relied on impulse buyers to sell their books. I’m not sure about Ms. Hocking, but John Locke also had a brilliant marketing plan. I’m currently working on a marketing plan (based on Locke’s plan). Marketing has been the bane of my existence when it comes to my book. But I’m trying.

Long story short, I’ve decided to try the dirt cheap/impulse buyer method and slash the ebook price of The Staff of Rahgorra to just $0.99. Do I believe my book is worth more? Hell yes! And I hope you do too. I hope you, the reader, believe you got an awesome, fun read for a steal. And once my marketing plan comes together sales should shoot through the roof! Here’s the link to ANY ebook format for The Staff of Rahgorra. But HURRY!!! This super low price point is only an experiment and it only lasts through Labor Day!

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