Interesting (As I raise just one eyebrow.)

The other day I sat down at my usual time to write, just like I’ve done everyday for the past few months. I wrote for maybe ten or fifteen minutes before I got sidetracked by something. I don’t even remember what it was. When I came back I saw that I had five lines written…

“Cam landed Toranga’s personal shuttle in the oppressive heat of the wind swept desert not far from the canyon where the sabotage teams were training. The landing kicked up some dust, but the wind was responsible for more. Cam shut down the shuttles systems as Kayo headed down the ramp.

Shielding her eyes from Tinoor’s sun Kayo looked around.”

…I know it’s six lines here, but it was fives lines in Word. Anyway, I remember a time, not too long ago, when those same five lines would have taken me hours to write. Granted, I never learned to type and I only crank out about 20 wpm. But it would literally take me hours to write five simple lines. And I realized that now, on most days, I’ll crank out an entire 8 and 1/2 by 11 page in the same time it used to take to write five lines.

In The Staff of Rahgorra Cam says to Obek, “[J]ust like your arms or legs, the more you use [something], the stronger [it] get[s].” Cam was of course speaking of his Jai Kin abilities, but obviously the same applies to writing. Life clearly imitates art. Or, as Darth Vader famously said, “The circle is now complete.”

P.S.  Please remember the 9/11 victims, the 1st responders, and the men and women who served and are still serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. And may God Bless America.

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