Star Wars’ Influence and My Next Novel

I don’t deny that Star Wars was a major influence on me while writing The Staff of Rahgorra. I don’t deny it. I embrace it. I pay tribute to the Star Wars franchise throughout my novel by naming minor characters, ships, planets and star systems with equally minor names from the Star Wars Universe.  This is my way of paying homage to a great franchise. And though I knew that my story was similar to Star Wars, I guess I was too close to it to realize just how similar. But recent reviews of The Staff of Rahgorra have made the similarity all too clear.

The sequel, Resistance and Rebellion, is about a third complete and is the logical next step to my story, The Staff of Rahgorra. However, based on those recent reviews I now see the inevitable comparisons to The Clone Wars and other Star Wars stories from that era.

The last thing I want to do is alienate much of my audience by writing another book that is considered a clone of Star Wars. In the process of writing The Staff of Rahgorra I developed a rich history to the Universe, with several completely original, fleshed-out and ready-to-write stories.  For my next novel I have decided to write one of these prequel stories. My recent post entitled “Rough Few Weeks” gave hints at this, but now I am confirming it. My working title for this prequel is simply The Girl but that will almost certainly change.

What about Resistance and Rebellion, you ask? Let me assure you that it will be completed. None of the Staff Universe stories are “Stand Alone.” In the end they will all intertwine. Questions might be answered, but many more will be raised.

I am also currently researching and developing a story set in the near future that will be considered Hard or Pure SF. I don’t yet have a working title for this work and I’m not sure exactly when I’ll get around to writing it. But expect something completely different from The Staff of Rahgorra.

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